Partnerships are essential to drive innovation and turn ambitious ideas into reality.


The Low Code platform from Outsystems empowers organizations to accelerate their digital transformation, offering a visual and intuitive approach to software development and enabling development teams to quickly and efficiently create, deploy, and maintain complex business applications.

Organizations can now use OutSystems’ High Performance Low-code and GenAI to enhance and accelerate every part of the software development cycle

The partnership with Microsoft, focused on Azure, Fabric and CoPilot, is vital for driving innovation and efficiency in organizations. Azure ensures scalable infrastructure, Fabric enables AI-powered analytics, and CoPilot, with generative AI, opens new frontiers in automated creation and technological interaction, essential for competitiveness and digital transformation in today’s market

The partnership with SAS is essential for organizations that are seeking leadership in data and analytical intelligence. With SAS, companies can use powerful tools for data analysis, data mining, and artificial intelligence, enhancing decision-making based on precise and in-depth insights. This collaboration is synonymous with transforming data into strategic knowledge, crucial for innovation and competitive advantage in today’s business landscape.

The partnership with MuleSoft focuses on the power of its integration platform, which is essential for companies that wish to simplify and accelerate the connection between various systems and applications. With MuleSoft, organizations have at their disposal a leading solution for orchestrating data flows between dispersed systems, promoting their integration. This capability not only optimizes processes and reduces operational complexity but also allows for a unified and real-time view of data, enhancing business intelligence and continuous innovation.

Our partnership with IBM, which has a special focus on advanced analytics and data governance, puts our clients at the forefront of innovation and data management. By using IBM’s advanced analytics solutions, organizations can discover valuable insights, predict trends, and optimize processes, transforming raw data into informed strategic decisions. Concurrently, the emphasis on data governance ensures that data integrity, security, and compliance are maintained, establishing a solid foundation for trust and transparency in business.

The Data Migration Manager (DMM) is crucial for companies seeking efficiency and precision in data migration within OutSystems environments. The DMM is a specialized tool that facilitates migration, consolidation, and synchronization of data, ensuring that the transfer between different environments or versions of OutSystems occurs smoothly and without losses. It is a strategic solution for companies that want to expedite system updates, database mergers, or simply improve data management within the OutSystems platform.


The Portuguese Association of Software Testing is the leading entity in certifications and training in software testing in Portugal. Our partnership reinforces our commitment to excellence and quality, allowing us to adopt the best international practices and promote the continuous development of our professionals through globally recognized certifications.