Logotipo Askblue Technology Center

All over the world, more and more companies and organizations are using Outsystems technology as the basis for their services and agile applications. As the number of companies adopting this technology is increasing rapidly, it has become crucial to guarantee the maintenance and support of these systems which not all companies can or want to support due to the scarcity of technological resources. On the other hand, companies would rather implement projects they can benefit from related to technological expertise and experience, without necessarily having to make a significant and continuous or even an additional investment in professionals, management, training and certifications.

To respond to this reality, we have created the askblue technology center (ATC), a nearshore delivery center for design, support and maintenance in Outsystems technology. Through this Tech Center we ensure digital transformation and the continuation of business that has already been transformed, enabling the emergence of new visions and constant innovations.

Outsystems Elite Partner

askblue is an Elite Partner at Outsystems and we rely on the knowledge of our certified consultants, who work daily on this technology and methodology. At the ATC, working remotely or with shared resources and through close contact with the client, we implement projects or support the evolutionary or corrective maintenance of the projects developed, either by askblue or by other entities, taking into account the needs and requirements of our clients.

This allows clients to focus on new challenges and projects that can help them adapt to the constant evolution of their businesses and, at the same time, help them to make the most of their means and resources, while their application systems and users, continue to have quality support..