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askblue is at the forefront of innovation providing specialized consulting services and in the field of information technology. Our mission is to support companies and organizations in digital transformation processes, as well as in defining their business structuring strategies. We seek to anticipate and solve the challenges of the future for our customers.


askblue responds to this need with a solid base of experience and integrated knowledge of the operational dimension of organizations…

This askblue business line is based on the latest trends and digital tools. We have a deep understanding of various market areas and offer our customers…

At askblue we aim to guarantee all the procedures and the monitoring of the processes and technology of our clients’ day-to-day….

askblue has a wide range of Professionals with functional competencies and / or the most commonly used Technologies, being thus able to contribute…

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How to manage technological talent: the most important characteristics in managers (but also in employees)

In good Portuguese, the popular expression – “having enough to spare” – characterizes the abundance of something. Combining it in the context of technological talent seems almost counterintuitive. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say almost the opposite, which allows us to recognize the undoubted importance of two crucial vectors in the management of technological talent: capturing and monitoring.

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